The following selection provides a representation of products and services related to gasification:

  • General advice related to bioenergy and gasification
  • Advice clients to select the best gasification technology and supplier for their specific desires.
  • Technical, socio-economical, environmental feasibility studies.
  • Quick scans.
  • Services in the field of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) aspects.
  • Tender procedures.
  • Hazop studies.
  • Training (courses, operator instructions.
  • Consultancy regarding operational guarantees, gaseous/liquid/solid emissions, efficiencies of the process unit operations, gas cleaning, tar/dust and other gaseous impurities removal, etc.
  • Technicaldue diligence of innovative biomass gasification processes.
  • Technical Assistance related to bioenergy and gasification
  • Procurement & Commissioning, start-up biomass of biomass and waste gasification plants.
  • Troubleshooting / optimization of biomass gasification CHP plants.
  • System optimisation.
  • Monitoring (baseline, tar- and dust, emissions, etc.).
  • Re-engineering and troubleshooting.
  • Tar removal technologies.
  • Design & Engineering (commercial, pilot, prototype).
  • Process control.

Due Diligence

Knoef consultancy has substantial experience with conducting independent appraisals of companies and gasification technologies for due diligence purposes. The core business and expertise’s lies in the analysis of the company’s technical and business competence. A wide range of studies is conducted to meet specific client requirements.

Typical clients include:

  • Banks for project finance
  • Venture capital funds, venture capitalists and private equity funds for equity stakes
  • Strategic investors for joint ventures and acquisitions
  • Project developers & public authorities to confirm that a process is ‘fit to purpose’

Recent examples:

  • Due diligence assessment of new innovative technologies for the production of biofuels, which included a review and comparison of three companies in the USA developing and commercializing a new gasification for conversion of biomass and waste into liquid biofuels
  • Due diligence assessment of innovative large-scale gasification technologies for the production of syngas and synthetic liquid biofuels
  • Due diligence assessment of a waste to energy gasification process for clean energy production

Waste to energy gasification

Throughout the history of civilization people have left behind mountains of waste. With over two billion ton of municipal solid waste (MSW) generated worldwide, the total amount accumulated in landfills is well over a trillion tons. They release methane (a powerful greenhouse gas), carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, odors, groundwater quality pollutants, and a lot of other air, water, and soil pollutants. Meanwhile, in many developed nations, the availability of landfill capacity has been constant or steadily decreasing due to regulatory and environmental permitting constraints on new landfills and landfill expansions. As a result, new approaches to waste management are high on the agenda of public and institutional policitians at local to national levels.

Management of Municipal Solid Waste is one of the major challenges worldwide. Waste policies are generally based on a hierarchy in which energy recovery sits just below the least attractive disposal option, as illustrated below: