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Welcome to the website of Knoef Consultancy

Knoef Consultancy (KC) is a company owned by Harrie Knoef since July 2015, senior consultant and over 30 years project manager regarding biomass gasification. He is editor and co-writer of the Handbook Biomass Gasification (first and second edition).

Specialities include amongst others: biomass gasification, project management, due diligence, co-generation, and developing countries. The world map below shows different completed projects.

More than 30 years of experience in biomass gasification

Harrie Knoef has more than 30 years of experience in the field of biomass gasification with development, commissioning, monitoring, technical assistance, engineering, project management and troubleshooting of thermal biomass gasification technology and installations. As a private consultant, he can work fully independent and is commissioned to assist customers in tailor made solutions.

Harrie has completed over 100 assignments (see projects and references) in the field of bioenergy, particularly in the area of gasification. He owns a worldwide database of all gasification technologies and suppliers. The unique combination and experience gathered in those projects is the base for providing highly innovative and commercially attractive services.

KC has a long tradition of co-operation with many clients, like international organisation as the IEA, World Bank-UNDP and governmental organisations, NGO’s and private companies. Therefore KC can offer a wide range of client-specific products and services.

Ir. Harrie Knoef

It’s my believe that there is a bright future for biomass gasification, especially at the smaller scale worldwide. There is a tremendous amount of biomass residues available for energy generation purposes like heat, power or biomass based materials but also for essential products like chemicals. I am passionate about biomass gasification, about innovations in that area and like to assist SME’s to guide them towards innovative biomass energy projects. When fossil fuels become depleted or too expensive, the only viable renewable technology will be biomass as it contains the most important chemical compound Carbon.

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